Is tiredness controlling you

Exhaustion and Tiredness = Motherhood?

No, it is only a little hard and tiring, when a bub is highly dependent, hang in there………it does get better!!!!!!

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs ever; however it can affect how you feel immensely, due to tiredness!

Many emotions can rise to the surface during your life-chapter of parenting, especially if your life is lacking balance! Tiredness can be a controlling manipulator and can certainly magnify your little worries and feelings!

It has always been a big issue in the world of parenting and can cause a lot of trouble in families. It creates frustration, anxiety, anger and irritability which are simply unnecessary! Even though it is healthy for children to see their parents display various emotions, we certainly don’t want our children to learn the wrong ways to cope in situations when we are tired! When you feel tired, admit you are tired, try and get some rest!

Your relationships and marriage is an easy target for tiredness. You need these relationships in your life as your support network, so don’t let tiredness and hard times cause friction and Marital Dissatisfaction. Partners and friends also need to have that supportive level of understanding of knowing how tired you are and are aware of the expectations of being a mother and the exhaustion tag attached to the role. So if they are not offering to look after the baby/kids so you can have sleep, then ask!!!!!!!

If life seems a little hard to cope with, you, your partner and other things are not to blame independently, only the imbalance in your life, where there is a lack of sleep (as mentioned before) or no timeout for you in each day.  The best thing you can do, is realise that your life is a little different with a new baby/children compared to not having children, but it is only temporary!  Life gets easier!  Re-evaluate the imbalance in your life and discuss it with your partner or family and try to even out the give and take!


Once I added sleep and time-out to my priority list, things changed!!

The way I then visualised my balancing and juggling role looked more like this after sleep!

Plenty of sleep, time out with friends or family or on your own, exercise and balanced diet will always keep a balance

It would be helpful to seek out what your favourite past times are, to add to a ‘time out’ list (ideally things you can do at home?!) that you can refer to every day.

  • Little garden project (creating a herb garden!)
  • Reading a magazine
  • Phoning a friend
  • Reading a book
  • Exercise
  • Listening to music ….etc….
  • Do a short on-line course for self achievement
  • Yoga at home. Purchase a yoga DVD and a mat.


Get a hold of that tiredness, ask for help and try to put balance into your life! Your wellbeing will help create a happy and harmonious family and house hold.


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