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Breakfast is a nightmare

Mum’s good Intention? To provide a wholesome meal and to add variety Result? Fussy child and chaos for the morning! What do I do? Do you have a child who is very fussy at breakfast? Are you determined to avoid the high sugared cereals and white bread? I made the mistake of giving my boys […]

Is my Child Kind?

Have you ever slipped or fallen over, drawing no sympathy or assistance from your child? To our surprise, we wonder ‘Haven’t I modelled and taught them compassion and kindness?” This issue has been on my mind recently, encouraging me to talk to other parents about this feeling and worry! I was delighted to hear a […]

What should I feed my child

Have you ever considered buying  a cheap tray of turkey mince? Let me share with you a delicious, child friendly meal. Turkey Meatballs Ingredients Tray of turkey mince Leggos jar of Bolognese sauce Finely chopped 4 slices of short cut bacon Shredded parmesan cheese Breadcrumbs 2 eggs Vegetables to add (4 florets of broccoli or […]

Is tiredness controlling you

Exhaustion and Tiredness = Motherhood? No, it is only a little hard and tiring, when a bub is highly dependent, hang in there………it does get better!!!!!! Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs ever; however it can affect how you feel immensely, due to tiredness! Many emotions can rise to the surface […]

How do I keep my child happy

Keep life simple, and may the wonder and awe of little things bring constant joy! If your child seems miserable, before you question their happiness, refer to this checklist; Is routine good? Is their diet balanced? Could they be growing? Could they be unwell? Could your child be worried about something? Routine – Do they have routine, an appropriate bed time, meal time etc. […]